About Me

The subject matter you might find on this blog:

  • creative pieces that I write, whether it be a sentence, story, or poem
  • relationships/friendships/community
  • depression/trauma/therapy/family history/mental health
  • feminist/queer/gender/sexuality/race and other social justice issues
  • burlesque/triathlon/food/health
  • and who the hell else knows–so many amazing things out there in the world

Relevant About Me:

  • Queer pansexual femme, intentionally intersectional with my feminism.
  • Privileged around whiteness, college education, rising through socioeconomic circles, and able-bodiedness.
  • Grad school student at UMSL studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Therapeutic Early Childhood Teacher at a Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment Center
  • Sex Positive St. Louis co-leader
  • The Kiss and Tells burlesque troupe member
  • St. Louis Lady Arm Wrestler

Things I feel strongly about (subject to change):

  • That most people live with contradictory ideas and beliefs, experiences and feelings; examining these paradoxes illuminates what it means to be alive.
  • Everyone has the right to change their mind, and thus, leading with kindness and reserving judgment is helpful.
  • I believe that compassion and love heal. They should be engaged with oneself as much as with others. Self-care based in community building is intentional, important business.
  • I believe we must take our work in this world, whatever it may be, seriously, but that we mustn’t take ourselves too seriously. Laugh! Play! Be silly.
  • Art and Relationships are the ultimate arbiters of personal fulfillment and meaning.

Random things I like:

Feminist, queer, anti-racist activism, bicycling, taking risks, editing (words), trees & nature & water, poetry & nonfiction, body positivity, emotion, social justice education, independent media (specifically film). Urban living, controversy, children, mental health–especially suicide awareness, human sexuality, all art, theatre, academics, live music. Generational trends, bookstores, powerful women, wild flowers, burlesque & pole dance, subculture and identity, physicality, triathlons, all the books, including YA.

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